In high school, Lyshaan excelled as an athlete. He attended Nazareth Regional High School, a college preparatory school and was a leader on the football team, where he earned All Star honors as a running back and defensive back. Lyshaan made the most of his time in high school, understanding that Nazareth Regional offered resources not common in the area’s schools.

Lyshaan attended SUNY Stony Brook on Long Island.

At Stony Brook, Lyshaan continued his football career as a defensive back. His success on the field was matched by his success in the classroom. Lyshaan has always had a determination that drove him to success, but while an undergrad, he got to flex those muscles away from home for the first time. He made the most of every opportunity, meeting as many people as possible, but also enjoyed life as a college student. Lyshaan had always felt the “entrepreneurial bug” but being in college, around like-minded people, he was inclined to pursue that drive. In fact, Lyshaan incorporated his first company while still a student at Stony Brook; Executive Committee.

Lyshaan graduated in 1998 in a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.

In December of that same year, Lyshaan’s mother passed away. A devastating loss for anyone, but Lyshaan was able to turn his sadness into motivation. His mother’s passing fueled Lyshaan’s work ethic after graduation.