Lyshaan Hall was born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York City.

Though Lyshaan’s home life was healthy and supportive, his mother was determined to forge a better way for her son. In Crown Heights, Lyshaan was surrounded by bad influences, but he learned from his mother and stepfather to always demand the best of himself. His mother was able to send him to a private Catholic school, and Lyshaan was never going to betray her hard work by risking his future or underestimating his potential. Going to a private school, surrounded by peers from more affluent families, surely influenced Lyshaan’s drive for financial success.

Even before reaching college, Lyshaan had worked over a dozen jobs.

He sold vacuums, worked in a check cashing store, bounced at bars and clubs, registered people to vote and numerous other odd jobs. He was committed to be one of the rare success stories coming out of Crown Heights in the 90s.