At school, Lyshaan made many valuable connections and friendships that would inform his career, post-graduation.

One such connection was with Ouigi Theodore. Ouigi is a forward thinking fashion designer who also attended Stony Brook. After college and during the resurgence of mens fashion in the early 2000s, Ouigi founded the Brooklyn Circus, a menswear company. Lyshaan was crucial to the company’s initial success. He contributed as a financial advisor in the early days of the company, helping to insure that the company achieved its financial and social goals.
Out of school and back in the city, Lyshaan also applied his business acumen to the world of planning and hosting top notch events. He partnered with some other young entrepreneurs and started an events company called Ramsey Racing. Ramsey Racing hosted private events, parties and galas all over New York City. It was a successful time. Lyshaan was able to be involved in some capacity with many different young companies, contributing valuably in every effort.
While working with Brooklyn Circus, Ramsey Racing, and various other projects, Lyshaan Hall was also working full time on Wall Street as a consultant and analyst. He was able to directly apply his college education, working with some of the biggest financial institutions. His 9-5 was lucrative, but he always felt he needed to be his own boss, rather than simply a cog in a much larger machine.