In 2003, Lyshaan Hall left Wall Street and, with the help of a partner, founded Acacia Venture Capital, where he served as Managing Partner.

At Acacia VC, Lyshaan was able to spot promising young companies and provide an infrastructure and business model for them to follow to success.
By 2009, Lyshaan Hall was, by all accounts, a success. He had contributed meaningfully to many different companies, earned a reputation as a community leader, and established himself financially. He demanded more of himself though. In 2009, Lyshaan returned to school to earn his Masters of Business. It had always been his plan to return to school. In fact, he graduated from Stony Brook with acceptance letters from 6 great programs. But he in 2009 he was ready to continue his formal education.

He attended Baruch College at the Zicklin School of Business.

While earning his graduate degree, Lyshaan again networked extensive. He built relationships with peers, professors and new mentors. One such person was Professor Edward Rogoff, the chair of the Entrepreneurism Program at Zicklin. Guidance from an older, well established person was hugely valuable for Lyshaan. Insights that Professor Rogoff shared came from a perspective unlike others Lyshaan had heard. He learned about long term wealth management and the keys to independent success. The time he spend earning his Masters was hugely influential. Another Professor, Robert Foskey provided invaluable information in managing small businesses. His passing of wisdom was key in decisions for the growth of Acacia and Breukelen Wealth.